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About Us

We are one reliable manufacturer and exporter in food industry for many years, the main products are raisin, goji berry, and fresh ginger, as well as that our competitive products include pumpkin seed kernels, dehydrated garlic, dehydrated ginger, crystallized ginger, dried apple, dried jujube and more, to meet our clients' various requirements.

We have three companies, Weifang Kington Food Co.,Ltd is one professional manufacturer, producing premium quality and healthy food with hearts, the factory is in Weifang, Shandong, a famous area in food production and export. Qingdao Dazun Industry Co.,Ltd is in Qingdao, a famous port in world, as an exporter, our staffs have rich experiences in international trade and sincerely supply comprehensive and thoughtful service to all of our customers. Dazun GmbH is in Hamburg, Germany, serving the clients in Europe, making the works conveniently.

We strive for long-term development, and regard quality and credit as our priorities. We do everything seriously, cordially, efficiently and reliably, and look forward to establishing friendly business relationships with worldwide clients forever.

Enjoy healthy food, have a wonderful life, make DAZUN your first choice.